Willie’s Story

On Sunday October 21, Parishioner Willie Martinez described why and how he participates in St. Paul’s Stewardship. His comments are summarized below:

13 years ago Willie Martinez was asked to play at St. Paul’s Church in Carroll Gardens. He enthusiastically agreed, as St. Paul’s in Carroll Gardens had been his mother’s church. However when he came to meet with the choir master and the rector at the time, The Reverend Peter Cullen, he realized that this was a different St. Paul’s. This was St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Carroll Street. They asked if he still wanted to play – he said yes. Father Peter invited Willie to see the sanctuary and Willie was taken by the feeling in the church. “I was down right ‘smitten’.” The next Sunday he brought his family for worship and was impressed by the welcoming warmth of the people. Willie and family have been parishioners ever since, attending regularly, volunteering in various guilds, performing our much loved Jazz Mass and pledging.

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