Ananda’s Invitation to Stewardship

On Sunday October 30, Parishioner and Vestry member Ananda Ambrose described how she became a parishioner and a steward of St. Paul’s.

Hello, Good morning. My name is Ananda Ambrose. I’m relatively new to St. Paul’s and have been a parishioner for just over three years.

It’s been a privilege to serve as a member of the vestry this year and I’ve gotten to know some of you as a result of our work together and as a local resident, I’ve become acquainted with others.

I walked by and read the signs in front of the church for a while before walking into the Lady Chapel on a random morning. Father Cullen invited me in and walked me through my first mass in there, just the two us. He invited me to come back on Sunday and I’ve been here ever since.

I appreciated the opportunity to be in a space I viewed as sacred and I still see it that way. The sense of community and humanity is very inspiring in times like these and it good to see people organized in good faith. I’ve always had a need to understand things deeply. Hearing things like, “just try it, develop a practice and you’ll see” never quite sat with me. Some might call this skepticism, I call it being critical.

Volunteering my time has given sober me insight into the inner workings of this sacred space and I can say now with clear conscience that St. Paul’s is an important part of this community. It’s so special because real people, stoic, committed and funny people offer their very best, their talent, their patience, their craft and humility to make it that way.

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