On Sunday, June 11, St. Paul’s invited the greater community to join our panel discussion on racial justice and reconciliation. The discussion was recorded and is available at the links below.

The speakers addressed race relations, racial injustice, and approaches to reconciliation. Afterwards they fielded questions and comments from the audience. This forum was held as a culmination of discussions and home meetings held at St. Paul’s throughout the Lenten Season.

Guest panelists included:
The Rev. Flora Wilson Bridges, of Rendell Memorial Presbyterian Church, Harlem
The Rev. Marie Tatro, Vicar for Community Justice, Episcopal Diocese of Long Island
Rabbi Hara Person of the Central Conference of American Rabbis
Rufus Hallmark and Lilo Carr-Rivera of St. Paul’s moderated the panel

Notes on the recording:
Due to some issues with the software, approximately the first 20 minutes of the recording are missing. There are also some minor interruptions.

 00:00:00 Rev. Bridges in progress.
 00:07:00 Rev. Marie Tatro
 00:31:20 Rabbi Hara Person
 00:51:40 Q&A with audience begins